Road Safety Council raises concern over number of fatal crashes during curfew hours

by May 11th, 2021


The number of people killed in motor vehicle crashes continues to increase with five deaths at the weekend.


The National Road Safety Council, NRSC, says several road crashes occur during curfew hours.


Of the five recent road fatalities, one occurred in St. Catherine, one in Hanover and three in Westmoreland.


Speaking with IRIE FM news, Vice Chairman of the NRSC, Dr. Lucien Jones says three of the accidents took place during curfew hours.


A total of 168 persons have been killed on the nation’s roadways since the start of the year, 22 more than the corresponding period last year.


145 persons killed on the roads this year were males, and 23 were females.


Dr. Jones says the increase in road fatalities is cause for concern.