Rushane Barnett’s lawyer questions if statement to police was voluntary

by July 1st, 2022

The lawyer representing the man accused of killing a Clarendon family has raised questions about whether her client’s statement to the police was voluntary.


Harris was appointed by the legal aid council, to Rushane Barnett.


Barnett has been charged with murder in relation to the deaths of his cousins, Kimesha Wright and her 4 children, in Chapelton, on June 21.


Its reported that Barnett allegedly confessed to the crime.


Further reports are that Barnett was allegedly assaulted while in police lock up.


Ms. Harris said Barnett gave a caution statement to the police, and it’s her duty as defense attorney, to check if the statement was voluntary.



She noted that the claim that Barnett confessed to committing the crime, is problematic.



The lawyer said if the caution statement was voluntary, then it’s admissible in court.




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