Safety concerns prompt lock down on fire damaged section of May Pen market

by December 2nd, 2019

The Clarendon Municipal Corporation has closed off a section of the May Pen market for safety reasons, after fire ravaged the building on the weekend.


This as, sections of the building are still burning, and there is concern about smoke inhalation.


Meantime, efforts are being made to find a temporary location for affected vendors, even as they begin the task of cleaning up the damaged market.


Mayor of May Pen Winston Maragh, led a team of stakeholders on a tour of the market today, to assess the extent of the damage.



Mr. Maragh said the corporation has already made contact with the labour ministry to get help for the affected vendors.


A meeting with the vendors has been set for Thursday.



In the meantime, the President of the May Pen Vendors Association has indicated that over 130 persons have been displaced, due to the fire at the market yesterday.


Lorraine Mason was part of a team, which included the mayor and some private sector stakeholders, that toured the damaged building earlier today.



Ms. Mason said loss is estimated to be in the millions.



The fire brigade has not yet determined the cause of the fire.