Sam Sharpe Day declared for December 27

by December 25th, 2020

December 27 has been declared Sam Sharpe Day.


The proclamation was made by Governor General, Sir Patrick Allen on Tuesday.


The historic observation has been welcomed by Culture Minister Olivia Grange.


In a statement yesterday, Ms. Grange said the first annual Sam Sharpe day — in memory and celebration of the National Hero, the Right Excellent Samuel Sharpe, who led the war for emancipation — will be observed on Sunday.


Ms. Grange said the proclamation was made at the request of the cabinet and is in keeping with the policy of the ministry to promote the knowledge and memory of those who have contributed to the development of Jamaica.


The date, December 27, is significant, as it was on December 27, 1831 that the emancipation war of 1831 to 32 began, under Sam Sharpe’s leadership.


The plan called for enslaved people to refuse to work after the Christmas break, unless they were being paid.


They were also told to prepare to fight, in the event plantation owners tried to force them to continue working as slaves.


Sam Sharpe led the largest and most successful of the fights to end slavery, as his war, was a major catalyst for the abolition of slavery, in the British Empire.


Ms. Grange said Sam Sharpe Day, each year, will be an occasion to reflect on, and celebrate, the unflinching courage and bold resolve of the ancestors, led by Sam Sharpe, who gave their lives for freedom.


The minister expressed hope that Sam Sharpe’s life, commitment and ultimate sacrifice, would inspire Jamaicans to commit to nation building, to be their brothers’ and sisters’ keeper, and to promote the wellbeing and welfare of all.