Sasco Vs Assassin – Entertainer sets record straight with fan

by January 17th, 2022

Newsflash! Assassin to Agent Sasco was not merely “Rebranding. It was a mental revamp” says Agent Sasco in response to a fan who felt the change the Dancehall deejay made on his musical journey was unnecessary.

Agent Sasco shared a comment made by a fan that said, “Personally think Assassin just badder than Agent Sasco. The rebrand just wasn’t it for true Assassin fans like myself.”

In the caption of the post shared with his over 459,000 followers on Instagram, Agent Sasco further stated, “I decided my work should reflect my values and beliefs. So if you expect me to produce material from 19-year-old “Assassin” perspective… good luck with that. Oh, btw… Don’t expect me to release songs promoting murder nor anything to further societal decay either. (cool face emoji) #SascoVsAssassin”

Fellow entertainers Kabaka Pyramid, Tessanne Chin, and Rohan Marley are among the many social media users giving Agent Sasco’s stance a stamp of approval.

In the comment section, Kabaka Pyramid wrote “Same so bro” while Rohan Marley said one word, “Maturity.”

The Dancehall deejay got his break as Assassin in 2001, and evolved into Agent Sasco through his own personal growth and development.

In 2020, Agent Sasco released Sasco Vs Assassin, a 5-track EP that explored Sasco’s spiritual and musical journey.

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