School administrators reminded of gov’t’s policy on sugary drinks

by January 7th, 2020

School administrators have been reminded of the requirement to comply with the governments sugary drinks restriction guidelines.

This after the new reduced sugar level took effect on January 1.

The new reduced level is 5 grams per 100 millilitre, coming down from the 6 grams imposed last year.

In a bulletin, the Education Ministry pointed out that all schools are required to comply with the guidelines for sweetened and unsweetened beverages sold or distributed to students.

The ministry said beverages should indicate “sweetened” or “unsweetened” on the container or packaging label, and unsweetened beverages should meet the interim guidelines for beverages in schools.


The Education Ministry also mandated schools to ensure that information listed on the nutrition facts panel shows the total sugar content as indicated in a table it supplied.

The bulletin also noted that where school administrators are uncertain, nutrition content can be verified by requesting the certificate of analysis from the manufacturer. 

It advised administrators that schools with a training programme for athletics should reserve the electrolyte sports drinks for athletes use during training and competition.