Scores of taxi operators in Spanish Town withdrew service in protest against Transport Authority, this morning

by May 19th, 2022

Scores of taxi operators who ply routes to Spanish Town St. Catherine withdrew their service this morning (May 19), in protest against the Transport Authority.

The drivers who parked along Brunswick Avenue, Gordon Boulevard and St. Johns Road are upset that vehicles were seized as the operators were said to be operating contrary to their licenses.

The Transport Authority told Irie Fm News that some of its officers assisted the police in an operation in Spanish Town yesterday (May 18), and 9 vehicles were seized.

Two of them because, the operators had no road license and 7 for operating contrary,- meaning the operators were outside the route specified on their licenses.

President of the Spanish Town Taxi Association Aaron Mattis says the operators want to speak with Transport Minister Audley Shaw.

Another taxi operator says they are willing to continue the demonstration, until the matter is addressed.

Meantime, the Transport Authority has invited the association to a meeting tomorrow morning (May 20) at ten, to discuss the issue.

Acting Communications Officer Merdina Callum says the Transport Authority has an open door policy.

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