Scores of Trelawny residents get access to piped water

by November 30th, 2020

Residents in some Trelawny communities are now receiving piped water, following the completion of the Wakefield to Bunkers Hill Pipeline Replacement Project.

The National Water Commission, N-W-C says the newly commissioned potable water pipeline, will benefit residents in Wakefield, Friendship, and Bunkers Hill.

As at Friday, November 20, forty-one service connections had been installed, while fifty percent of the connections have been transferred to the new 150 millimetre pipeline.

There is an on-going effort to identify existing service connections that are to be transferred to the new pipeline.

The NWC says prior to the implementation of the project, several sections of various communities along the route of the new pipeline, were without water.

Meanwhile, NWC Corporate Public Relations Manager Andrew Canon says delinquent customers in the communities are being urged to settle any outstanding balance on their account.

This will facilitate their transfer to the new pipeline.

The NWC says it’s now treating as a priority the conversion of inactive accounts to active customers as part of a strategic measure to have more billed customers benefit from the new pipeline.


The commission is implementing infrastructure to improve water supply, across the country.