Security expert suggests use of dye packs by cash couriers to prevent robberies

by March 20th, 2023

Former Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mark Shields says the use of dye packs should be a condition of contracts for security companies to get cash-in-transit jobs.


A dye pack is a radio-controlled device which would enable banks to permanently mark stolen cash with dye, shortly after a robbery.


Mr Shield’s suggestion comes in the wake of another armed robbery, in Portmore, St. Catherine, during which a civilian and three Beryllium security guards were shot and wounded.


Police report that around 12:40 PM yesterday (March 19), the security guards were servicing a Scotiabank automated teller machine, when they were pounced upon by armed men who robbed them.


The incident followed an attack in Portmore Pines, three weeks ago, when a security guard was shot and killed and two others were wounded, as thieves made off with $10 million in cash.


In light of the armed robberies, Mr Shields told IRIE FM news that organizations who are contracting security companies for cash-in-transit jobs, must ensure that moneys are at least transported with dye packs.

He explained that dye packs would be one efficient deterrent against this type of crime.


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