Selectors meet with government in Noise Abatement battle

by September 9th, 2019

Some selectors, promoters, and industry players are today meeting with government officials to discuss plans to make amendments to the Noise Abatement Act.

Last week, members of the entertainment industry took to social media to protest the Noise Abatement Act under a campaign dubbed ‘Stop Fight Events.’

Selector Ricky Trooper and dancehall deejay Mr. Vegas have used their social media platforms to call out their peers on the hypocrisy. They both agreed that some selectors are only now squealing because it affects their livelihood.

On Thursday, some selectors and promoters attended a meeting at the Half Way Tree Police Station in St. Andrew to discuss the matter.

Selector Ricky Trooper who has always advocated for the cause, criticized his peers for going to the police, stating that only the government can fix the issue as the police are only upholding a law that has been implemented.

In April this year, the government claimed steps are being taken to amend the Noise Abatement Act and the hosting of entertainment activities.

Currently, under the Act, entertainment sessions must end at midnight on weekdays and at 2:00 am on weekends.