Senate soon to consider motion for parrot fish closed season

by November 16th, 2019

A motion for a closed season for parrot fish is expected to come before the senate in short order.


That’s according to government senator and environmental activist Matthew Samuda.


Mr. Samuda, has been an active proponent of the campaign against the consumption of parrot fish, and recently called for businesses to help remove the fiscal incentives for fishermen to catch and sell the endangered fish.


Parrot fish are essential to the survival of coral as they act as ‘natural cleaners’ of parasites that grow on it.


The loss of parrotfish disturbs the balance of coral ecosystems and allows algae, to smother the reefs, thereby destroying the habitats of thousands of fish species.


Speaking in the senate yesterday, Mr. Samuda noted that the country will need to restrict fishing activities to improve the country’s fisheries.



Mr. Samuda said there are further legislative changes that must be made for the benefit of Jamaica’s fishermen.