Shortage of hand sanitizers and Lysol disinfecting spray at some supermarkets and pharmacies

by March 11th, 2020

Checks with several supermarkets and pharmacies have revealed a shortage of hand sanitizers and Lysol disinfecting spray.

There has been a rush on supermarkets and pharmacies for hand sanitizers, Lysol and disinfectants along with wipes, since the spread of the Coronavirus across the world and in the region.

One pharmacy told Irie FM News that it received a shipment of hand sanitizers today (March 11) and within minutes the stock was again depleted requiring calls to suppliers for another shipment.

Already there are two confirmed cases of the virus in the island the first is a woman who landed from the United Kingdom while the second case is a US Embassy staffer who arrived in the island from the United Kingdom.

The word was the same at Progressive Ocho Rios, Fontana Montego Bay and Sovereign Supermarket that they were all out of the sanitizers and cleaning agents used to stem the spread of the virus.

They stated that shipments should be here in the coming days, but were not able to give specifics as to when the shelves will be restocked.

The Prime Minister has already advised against panic buying in light of the Coronavirus being confirmed in the country.

Some persons have also complained about a hike in prices for the products at some stores.