Beenie Man snubbed by Siix

by August 12th, 2019

When yuh book artist fi a show, di artist suppose to get a deposit” – is how six entertainer Chronic Law is responding after he along with the Siix were MIA at Beenie Man’s Summa Sizzle held in Clarendon on Saturday.
In a lengthy message posted on social media, Chronic Law claimed that there were no talks of compensation. According to the social media post, the Hillside singjay he further stated, “Me and some man deven fren and di message whey mi ago get seh, from the show gwaan good, you will get a thing.” “work mi a work, mi nah look nuh good name.”

Beenie Man who also did emcee duties at his event made several attempts to call the Siix on stage to no avail.

Beenie who seemed certain that the fast-rising Montego Bay deejays were coming to his event, in an interview with Winford Williams said he is unaware as to why the Siix did not attend the show. Adding that it is likely an internal problem with management.
Entertainers who are a part of the Siix include Squash, and Chronic Law.