Some Jamaican students leave Ukraine, others continue attending classes

by February 12th, 2022

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has indicated that as of its latest update today on the status of Jamaican students in Ukraine, some have been attending classes, four have decided to leave, and one new student has just arrived.


The ministry has reiterated that it continues to monitor the situation in Ukraine, in light of growing geo-political tension involving Russia.


In a statement, Foreign Affairs Minister Kamina Johnson Smith said her ministry has noted that an increasing number of countries have issued advisories encouraging their nationals to depart Ukraine by commercial or private means in advance of any further escalation of tension.


The ministry is assuring the public that it continues to engage with partners to ensure it has the clearest facts available and is aware of the rapidly changing circumstances in the region.


She said officials have been in contact with the universities attended by the students, and the schools have indicated that despite the conflict, normal operations continue.



Mrs. Johnson Smith said the students were already told that they can return home through Germany without a visa once their transit is less than 24 hours.


There are four flights between Germany and Jamaica each week.


The students were reminded to assess their personal circumstances and to let the embassy in berlin know of their decision to either stay or travel, so that the necessary consular assistance can be provided.


The minister said at least one student has already left the area.



The ministry is also advising family members that they may contact it directly for information, in the event of an emergency.



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