Some Jamaicans in the US, say guilty verdict handed down to Derek Chauvin is a step in the right direction

by April 21st, 2021

Some Jamaicans living in the United States, say the guilty verdict handed down to Derek Chauvin – a former police officer filmed with his knee on the neck of a black man, George Floyd is a step in the right direction.

Chauvin, whose actions sparked racial protests globally, after Floyd’s death, was found guilty of second and third degree murder, as well as manslaughter, yesterday (April 20).

Many Americans took to the streets to celebrate what some, including Jamaicans are describing as a rare moment in history

Jhenelle Henry, who lives in Florida told Irie Fm News, that Chauvin’s conviction has brought some satisfaction to her and her family, but warns that this is only one step, in the fight against racial injustice.

And one Jamaican woman from New York says, the verdict brought some relief, as she feared widespread civil unrest, if Mr. Chauvin was not held accountable for his actions.

Meantime, Richard Palmer who lives in Ohio, describes Chauvin’s conviction, as a “smokescreen” to hide the true injustices of the American system.

Referencing an incident, where a black girl was fatally shot by police, on the day of Chauvin’s conviction, Mr. Palmer says, the fight against racial injustice, is far from over.

He adds that more sustainable measures must be implemented to prevent racial injustice in the country.