Spice blasts online user for fake Graci Noir review

by October 5th, 2020

Dancehall deejay Spice was forced to set the record straight over the weekend after a social media user hit the online platform to speak negatively about her recently launched Graci Noir collection.

According to the social media user, her mother bought something from Spice’s Graci Noir clothing line, and the material was of poor quality, uncomfortable, and trashy.

Spice didn’t hesitate to fire back, putting the fake review to rest. According to the “Cool It Down” Dancehall deejay, she said she has not yet shipped any items, stating that the woman’s mother must be a duppy to do her own shipping. Using some very colourful Jamaican words, Spice also made some disparaging comments about the user and her mother.

On October 1, Spice officially launched her Graci Noir collection. The website, GraciNoir.com showcases a wide variety of women’s apparel ranging from swimwear to jumpsuits and a small male collection with prices from a low of US$49 to a high of US$150.