Sprinter opens in Jamaican Cinemas Wednesday

by July 2nd, 2019

“Sprinter” the award-winning film that depicts everyday life in Jamaica, will hit local theaters on Wednesday.

Written and directed by Storm Saulter, who also directed “Better Mus Come”, Sprinter follows newcomer Dale Elliott who plays 17-year-old Akeem Sharp, also known as “The Rasta Rocket” for his amazing running speed.

The teen hopes his rise in athletics will take him to the US to reunite with his mother who supports the family while living as an illegal resident for nearly a decade.

One of the film’s executive producers Zachary Harding spoke with Elise Kelly during the Easy Skanking show Tuesday on IRIE FM.


Other executive producers include Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, and Josef Bogdanovich.

Sprinter will open in all Palace Cinemas across Jamaica.

The film also boasts original music from international recording artist Ne-Yo, and Jamaican entertainers Shenseea and Kabaka Pyramid.