St. Ann firefighters mourn loss of colleagues

by September 14th, 2021

Fire fighters in St. Ann are mourning the loss of two of their colleagues who died in a car crash last evening.

They have been identified as Alex Williams of Tower Isle, St. Mary and Stefan Walters of Priory, St. Ann.

They were both in their twenties and were stationed at the Ocho Rios Fire Department.

Their colleagues have described them as jovial and humble.

One of the fire fighters who responded to the accident noted that it was difficult, but he had to get the job done.

He noted that they have responded to a number of accidents along that roadway but this was one of the worst for them.

Reports are that the crash occurred after the two transported another co-worker to his home.

Williams was employed for over a year , while Walters had been employed for around three years.

They both worked in the operational department.

It is reported that Williams was married, while Walters was father to an eight month old baby.

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