St Ann police to implement measures to prevent recurrence of traffic gridlock

by April 17th, 2022

The St. Ann police have indicated that measures will be put in place to prevent a recurrence of the traffic gridlock that occurred in and around Ocho Rios yesterday.


It’s reported that at least 3 additional lanes of traffic were created by motorists, in the vicinity of the toll exit in Mammee Bay.


The traffic snarl stretched as far as Drax Hall to the west, and the Ocho Rios pier in the east. Heavy rainfall also compounded the situation.


Upset motorists who called IRIE FM News, complained about being stuck in traffic for up to 4 hours. Taxi and bus drivers also reportedly hiked the fare for transit from Ocho Rios to St. Ann’s Bay.


Speaking to IRIE FM News, today (Apr. 17), head of the St. Ann police Superintendent Dwight Powell noted that the division has done some re-assessments as it relates to the deployment of personnel for the remainder of the Easter break.


He said 11 major public events attracting large numbers of patrons were approved for the long weekend.



He explained that the police will be ramping up their efforts, especially on Easter Monday when several events are expected to take place.


Superintendent Powell lamented that indiscipline was one of the main factors that led to the gridlock.



A meeting was held at 4 today with the police and the municipal corporation to discuss the gridlock and efforts to prevent a recurrence.

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