State Minister in the Ministry of Youth says don’t hesitate to contact authorities if child abuse is seen or suspected

by July 20th, 2021


With several child abuse incidents occurring recently, State Minister in the Ministry of Youth, Robert Morgan is appealing to persons who are aware of child abuse, not to hesitate to contact the authorities.


On Sunday (July 18), 4-year-old Nashaun Brown, of Willowdene in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, died after he was reportedly badly beaten with a stick.


His stepfather is now in police custody in relation to the incident.


Speaking with IRIE FM news, Mr. Morgan said calling the authorities will help to put the abusers away.



The State Minister is also encouraging parents and guardians to be extremely selective with who they allow around children, adding that vigilance is important.




Meanwhile, Psychologist, Dr. Leachim Semaj says if child abuse is not stopped, the country runs the risk of perpetuating psychological and emotional trauma in society.


Speaking with IRIE FM news, Dr. Semaj noted that while some abused children will be able to escape the mental trauma from their abusive childhood, others will not be so successful.


He explained that unfortunately, the majority of abused children remain affected in their adult years, causing them to become abusive to their children and spouses.



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