Striker Chantelle Parker eyes future with the Reggae Girls

by February 28th, 2020

Five question for Chantelle Parker

Name: Chantelle Parker

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Weight: 140 pounds

Age: 18

Position- Striker


What or who brought you into football ? I started playing when I was five years old, and it was really my parents who paved the way for me, my father to be exact. He loves soccer and with the help of my mother they decided they would get me in the game. Parker who scored in the 82nd minute to help Jamaica to a big 4-1 win over El-Salvador in the group stages of the Concacaf women’s Under 20 Championship in the Dominican Republic, stated “My first real stint was playing with other children at the Kindergarten level at what is known as the house league in Canada, it’s like a development competition or a little league “.

 How honoured are you to be wearing the National colors?  “I am very honoured to be representing Jamaica, it’s a great opportunity to wear the national colours to hear the National Anthem and to be on that pitch”.  She explained, “I have always wanted to play for Jamaica and after waiting for a long time, I am grasping this opportunity with gratitude and humility.  The girls on the team are great, it’s awesome being among them, and might I add the coaches are excellent, loving and awesome” .

“I have learnt so much from them since being here in the Dominican Republic. I feel so thrilled being in the programme “.

Parker who attends the Catholic Institution, Bishop Paul Francis Reding High School in Ontario, Canada says, “Spiritually and emotionally everyone in the team is on the same level”,  and she also adds that the connection has been strengthened by their prayers before each games, those prayers she stated “Has done wonders for us”.

(Photo Courtesy of Concacaf)

What is the greatest moment in your career so far ?  “When I made the Province  of Ontario team in Canada, that was so special, however that moment has now been topped by this occasion playing for Jamaica at the Concacaf level and beating Canada is without doubt my biggest accomplishment to date”.  “It reminded me that no matter what team you play for you can always be your best”.


What’s the Motto that guides you: “ I believe anything is possible with hard work, and you are the one who can make your success possible, and the work you put in is what you get out.” The well-disciplined hard working player who will major in Emergency Medicine at the Tertiary level added that her role models are Kadijah Buchanan a Canadian defender and Sydney Leroux who plays for the USA Female Soccer Team.


Where do you see yourself in five years ? “ I see myself playing for the National Senior Reggae girl’s team or the Canadian team, and hopefully make the sports my career” . I said before getting in the Reggae Girls programme has always been a dream of mine, so hopefully I get into the senior team in years to come and help Jamaica back to the FIFA women’s World Cup.