Students benefit from Shelly’s Pocket Rocket Foundation

by November 30th, 2019

Nine students from several high schools across the island were this week, each awarded with $50,000(for those in grades 8-11), and $60,000 for those in sixth form, through Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce’s Pocket Rocket Foundation.

With the aim of developing Jamaica through the power of sports and education, one of the fastest women alive, Jamaican track star Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce, has been providing an avenue for student athletes who have been able to balance academics with sports.

Since it’s launch in 2013, a total of 40 high school student athletes, 31 boys and 13 girls, across 11 different sporting arenas have been awarded full academic scholarships covering tuition, books, uniform, travel and lunch money. Currently there are 18 students on the roster this year, for the Pocket Rocket Foundation scholarship.