Students urged not to break school rules but to use available channels to seek solutions

by May 2nd, 2022

Students are being challenged not to break school rules, but to use the channels available to seek solutions.


Over the years, students have been locked out of schools over grooming breaches, with parents among those, expressing that the rules are outdated.


Acting Chief Educational Officer, in the Education Ministry, Dr. Kasan Troupe is encouraging children to maximize the educational opportunities offered to them.


Dr. Troupe notes that children must play a role in their academic achievements by taking their school life seriously. This, she explains can not be done effectively, if children are caught up in disciplinary issues.

Meantime, Dr. Troupe is encouraging all Jamaicans to be on the lookout for children who are not attending school.


These include children who have not returned to the education system, since the closure of schools in 2020, after COVID-19 entered the country.

Dr. Troupe was speaking yesterday at the National Child Month church service in Kingston, hosted by the National Child Month Committee.


This year, Child Month is being observed under the theme, “Listen Up! Children’s Voices Matter”.


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