Tanya Stephens defends Ishawna’s “Equal Rights”

by May 5th, 2017

Ishawna’s controversial song “Equal Rights” has landed her an interview with Sway on his Sway in the Morning radio show on satellite radio, SiriusXM.

Ishawna posted a video while arriving at SiriusXM in New York. The dancehall deejay, who was greeted by applause when she entered the room, captioned the video “press day in New York, Equal Rights a shut down the world.”

Since its release last week, Ishawna’s “Equal Rights” sent tongues wagging as many men and some women question if Ishawna is emasculating men or encouraging balance in relationships.

Dancehall deejay Macka Diamond has counteracted Ishawna’s “Equal Rights” with “Nuh Tongue”. Entertainer Kip Rich was the first to respond to Ishawna with his counteraction, “Eating Rights” followed by Deep Jahi with Nuh Grow Suh.

Meanwhile, Tanya Stephens is endorsing Ishawna’s Equal Rights. The outspoken entertainer in a post on Instagram argued that apparently females never have and never will have any of the rights of men before blasting those who disagree with Ishawna’s message in the song.

As for the internet, social media is abuzz with memes and short skits.