Tanya Stephens teams up with Cedella Marley and Diana King to create masterpiece

by May 20th, 2022

Prolific writer, and world-renowned entertainer, Tanya Stephens has joined forces with Cedella Marley, and Diana King, to create a masterpiece dubbed “Diamonds in the Sun”, the first single released from her upcoming album.

Produced by Tad ‘Jr. Tads’ Dawkins, and Tad’s Record, the single, sees Tanya Stephens, Diana King, and Cedellla Marley coming together to highlight the experiences of many women throughout history.

Over the years, Tanya Stephens has used her gift as a channel to communicate to the world, touching on several real-life issues to provoke conversations that could lead to the desired changes in society.

Diamonds In The Sun is featured on Tanya Stephens’ 10th studio album titled, “Some Kinda Madness”, a follow-up to her last album, Guilty, which was released eight years ago.

Some Kinda Madness” is slated for release in July.

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