Tavern residents in St. Andrew expect flare-up following Christopher “Dog Paw” Linton’s shooting death

by October 12th, 2021

Despite assurance from the police that there is no need for fear following the fatal shooting of reputed gang leader, Christopher ‘Dog Paw’ Linton, some residents of Tavern, in St. Andrew say they are expecting the worst.


Linton was fatally shot during an alleged confrontation with police yesterday (October 11).


Speaking with reporters, some residents say an increase in crime and violence in the community is imminent.


One woman, who said she knew Linton from he was a baby, said he played a role in protecting the community.


Another resident described Linton as a good man.



Head of the Crime and Security portfolio, Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey, says Linton has been implicated in several murders and shootings since his release from prison in April.


Noting concerns of a flare-up of violence, DCP Bailey told IRIE FM news yesterday, that while retaliation is not expected, the police stand ready to respond.




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