Taxi operators reject 15% fare increase saying they will not implement new fares today

by August 16th, 2021


Taxi operators across the island have rejected a 15% fare increase that should have become effective today.


The umbrella group, the Route Taxi Association Alliance, says it will not be encouraging its members to start charging the increased fare amount, as the issue is not yet settled.


The Alliance includes The National Council of Taxi Association (NCOTA), the Route Taxi Association of Jamaica, and the Confederation of Independent Route Taxi Association, (CIRTA).


An overwhelming majority of stakeholders voted to reject the offer at a zoom meeting last night (August 15).


General Secretary of NCOTA, Frederick Bryan, told IRIE F-M news that the Route Taxi Association Alliance would be seeking further dialogue with the Transport Ministry.



The Transport Ministry said the increase granted, followed several requests for an increase and a review by Cabinet.


It said the 15% adjustment, which comes after eight years, creates the right balance for all parties.


The Ministry noted further that consultations with the Ministry of Finance and Public Service indicate that this increase will affect national inflation by approximately 1%.

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