Ten people charged for breaching nightly curfew

by April 2nd, 2020

Some ten persons have been charged by the police for breaches of the curfew imposed by the government, to curtail the spread of COVID-19.


The seven-day nightly curfew which runs from 8 o’clock each evening, to 6 o’clock each morning, came into effect last night and will continue until the morning of Wednesday, April 8.


Stemming from incidents on the first night of the island-wide curfew, the police charged ten persons from three parishes, for breaches of the disaster risk management enforcement measures, number two amendment order.


Among the persons charged is 37-year-old Dayne Mitchell of Penso Street, Kingston, who was seen in a viral video on social media stating his refusal to comply with the order given by the Prime Minister.


The constabulary notes that Mitchell was apprehended after persons on social media brought the video to their attention and assisted with the investigation.


In the meantime, 9 other persons were apprehended and charged in Hanover.


They are Cecelia Palmer of Sandy Bay, Okeave Mcintosh of Central, Lucea, Shane Thompson of Prosper Road, Elvis Jones of Sandy Bay, Ryan Mckoy of Mount Peace, Denton Mcintosh of Malcolm Heights, Lucea, Jordane Fletcher of Rejoin, Elvis Clarke of Kingsvale, all in Hanover and Maurice Dunham of White Hall, Westmoreland.


The Constabulary notes that scores of people were warned for prosecution and cooperated.


It notes that no homeless person was arrested anywhere in the country.


Citizens are being reminded to comply with the nightly all-island curfew, as failure to comply may put others at risk of contracting the coronavirus and can result in actions taken against a non-compliant individual.