Tesha Miller’s defence team to file appeal against conviction

by December 3rd, 2019

The Tesha Miller defence team will be heading to the court of appeal to have their client’s conviction overturned.

A seven member jury today (December 3) found Miller guilty in connection with the killing of Former JUTC Chairman, Douglas Chambers.

Miller was charged with accessory before and after the fact to the 2008 murder of Chambers. He was gunned down near the gate of the JUTC Depot in Spanish Town on June 27, 2008.

The jury deliberated for just over three hours, before returning with a unanimous guilty verdict in the Supreme Court in Downtown Kingston.

Miller is to be sentenced on January 9.

The main witness for the prosecution who was a former member of the Clansman gang, testified that it was Miller who gave the order for Chambers to be killed.

However Miller has claimed his innocence, stating that he never sent anyone to kill Chambers.

His Attorney Bert Samuels is confident that the conviction will be overturned.

Meanwhile , the Supreme Court has put off its decision in the civil suit which Tesha Miller brought against the government seeking compensation for false arrest and malicious prosecution.

Justice Crescencia Brown Beckford should have handed down judgment today (December 3), but lawyers in the matter were advised yesterday (December 2) that another date is to be set for the judgment.

The civil suit stemmed from a charge in 2011, when Miller was accused of robbing a motorcar.

Miller was convicted of the charge, but was freed by the Court of Appeal in 2013.

Miller through his Attorney Bert Samuels filed the suit seeking compensation.

Miller is seeking 6 million dollars in special damages which include legal fees.