Tony Rebel challenges UWI in fake Garvey bust saga

by May 30th, 2017

Some celebs are expressing disappointment following the fake bust of Marcus Garvey that the University of the West Indies unveiled recently.

Many have criticized the work, stating that it bears no resemblance to Jamaica’s first national hero, others called it “a misrepresentation of a great nation”, and some “a complete failure”.

Veteran singer Tony Rebel is imploring the institution to put out information that is factual.

IRIE FM’s Ka’Bu Ma’at Kheru during the Africa Forum on Sunday started an online petition at change.org called ‘Fake Garvey Bust at The University of the West Indies Must Come Down’. The petition can be signed on IRIE FM’s social media pages.

The bust, which depicts a slender Garvey was sculpted by Raymond Watson. The controversial artwork sits in the courtyard of the Faculty of Humanities and Education.

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