Tourism industry to place more focus on small and medium sized enterprises

by December 5th, 2021

Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett has emphasized that Jamaica is restructuring the tourism industry to ensure that more of the earnings from the sector go to small and medium sized enterprises.

The minister made the comment while speaking on a panel on policies to foster tourism for rural development.

It was held during the 24th session of the United Nations, World Tourism Organization, general assembly in Madrid, Spain.

He noted that research has shown that people travel to experience culture, thats not traditionally found in the resort areas, but in rural communities.

He said the ministry will be focusing heavily on leveraging community tourism experiences, especially those focusing on the country’s rich bio-diversity.

Mr Bartlett noted that there are inequities existing in the sector, as it relates to those who are the real providers of tourism experiences, and those who are the beneficiaries of the tourism spend.

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