Tourism Min. collaborates with cruise industry stakeholders to mitigate Covid-19 impact

by March 2nd, 2020

The Tourism Ministry has indicated, that it is collaborating with stakeholders in the cruise shipping industry and local partners, in a bid to mitigate the impact of the Corona virus, Covid-19.

In recent days, a number of cruise ships have been denied entry at Jamaica’s ports, while some have been allowed to dock, but spent long hours awaiting clearance from health officials for tourists to disembark.

And even after disembarking, the tourists were met with apprehension, as tour operators, craft vendors and attraction operators expressed concern about their safety.

Senior Advisor Delano Seiveright says both the Tourism and Health Ministries are monitoring the situation.

He says the ministry and the cruise lines have sought to reach a middle ground, with regards to the protocols.

Mr. Seiveright says, the Tourism Ministry continues to communicate with local partners about the challenges, as the situation unfolds.