Traffic Changes In Kingston Negatively Impacting Port Trailer Truckers

by September 10th, 2018

Traffic changes in sections of Kingston, primarily the closure of the Three Miles intersection, have impacted the operations of port trailer truckers negatively.


The Port Trailer Haulage Association (PTHA), has already sought the assistance of the management at Kingston ports, to modify opening hours.


This as the group says traffic changes are causing significant delays for trailers as well as a reduction on the turnaround time for truckers.


General manager of the PTHA, Ricardo Valentine told Irie FM news, that the impact has resulted in the association advising its clients in the commercial trade to expect lengthy delays in the movement of import/ export containers.



Mr. Valentine said there are instances when trailers delivering containers will be forced to use the toll road, where practicable, in an attempt to reduce the extreme traffic delays.


This will mean a hike in costs to clients.



He stated that the delays and reduced haulage times will impact drivers’ earnings.



Mr. Valentine said the discussions were held with Kingston port to have the facility remain open later hours, and over the weekend.


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