Transnational probe launched into activities of a former cop

by December 2nd, 2019

The police say a high level transnational investigation continues into activities of a former member of the force   adding that the probe relates to several sensitive matters.


The constabulary in a statement says it’s being guided by the rule of law   and advice of the office of the Director of Public Prosecution.


As such, the force would not put key national security assets at risk by prematurely laying charges against any person involved.


The police in responding to media reports about the case, says not all that has been placed in the public domain reflect the facts of the case.


It adds that given the sensitive nature of the investigation, commenting specifically on truths and inaccuracies contained in reports may only serve to prejudice the proceedings.


The statement adds that it’s expected that, at the conclusion of this investigation, charges will be laid against  anyone who played a role in the matter, whether they are serving members of the JCF or not.