Transport operators warned against overcharging commuters

by March 3rd, 2020

Agents from the Transport Authority have been deployed to probe reports that some taxi operators in St. Catherine have been overcharging commuters.

Its reported that some operators who ply the Linstead to Spanish Town route have illegally hiked the fare from $130 to $150.

The Transport Authority has reiterated its warning that public passenger vehicle operators should immediately desist from the practice of overcharging commuters.

Corporate Communications Manager at the Authority Petra-Kene Williams, said the agency has again received complaints that unscrupulous persons are insisting commuters pay more than the approved fares in the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region KMTR, particularly on the Spanish Town to Linstead route.

This is illegal and a violation of the rights of the commuters.

She warned that operators found breaching the regulations will be prosecuted.

Ms. Williams said route inspectors are on the ground checking for offenders.

Additionally, the commuting public is being reminded that one of the dangers of using unlicensed public passenger vehicles is that these operators often charge exorbitant fares.

The authority is urging the commuting public to use licensed public transport vehicles which display red public passenger vehicle plates and the light blue Transport Authority sticker on the windshield, with expiration dates of 2020 and onwards.

Commuters are also being urged to report incidents of overcharging to the authority, and provide the licence plate numbers and routes for the vehicles.

Meanwhile, the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services, TODSS, has called on bus operators in St. Catherine to cease and desist from overcharging passengers fares, as it is illegal.

TODSS President, Egeton Newman said it has been brought to his attention that some operators in the Linstead and Spanish Town areas, who ply routes to Kingston, have hiked their fares.

Mr. Newman said while he understands, what taxi operators are going through, having to operate without an increase for over seven years, he is urging operators to not take matters into their own hands.

He said that TODSS will continue to lobby the government for a livable fare increase for the public transport sector.