Two injured as truck crashes into house in Manchester

by July 1st, 2019

Two men are nursing injuries, while two teenagers were shaken up following a freak accident in the Brockery community in Manchester this afternoon (July 1).


Reports are that about 1: 30 PM, a truck transporting building material was heading downhill into the community when it developed mechanical troubles, ran off the road and crashed into a house.


A resident of the community told Irie FM News that the truck encountered difficulties after a car reversed onto the roadway blocking its path.



Irie FM News understands and that the driver and the sideman were able to jump from the moving vehicle. They received multiple injuries and were taken to hospital for treatment.


The resident said the two teenagers who were at the house had to run outside when the truck was seen heading in the direction of their house and were able to avoid being injured.



The Christiana police are investigating the incident.