UNICEF Education Specialist recommends alternative forms of discipline to corporal punishment

by July 22nd, 2021

In light of renewed calls for corporal punishment to be banned, an education specialist from the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF is recommending other forms of discipline, that parents and guardians can employ.

The issue of corporal punishment has again risen to the fore, following the death of a young boy after he was allegedly beaten by his step father.

Speaking with Irie Fm News, UNICEF Jamaica’s Education Specialist, Rebecca Tortello said when disciplining children the first step is for parents and guardians to approach the issue with calm.

She said when dealing with young children, persons can use the time-out strategy as another form of discipline.

Ms. Tortello added that withholding items of importance from children, or removing certain privileges, could be an effective alternative form of discipline.

The UNICEF Education Specialist stressed the importance of adults, helping children learn from their actions, especially the mistakes they make.

This will teach children how to monitor their future actions, thereby avoiding a repeat of the mistake.