Unruly coaster bus driver held for questioning

by September 11th, 2019

The police have taken in for questioning, the alleged driver of a coaster bus, in relation to breaching traffic laws when the vehicle was driven on through a median along Constant Spring Road, in Kingston.


A photograph of the offence was posted on social media and submitted to the police.


The incident has drawn widespread condemnation from social media users, with many waiting to see what action will be taken by the police and already drawing comparisons with the incident involving the driver of the Mercedes Benz who did a donut stunt along Dunrobin Avenue.


Today, the constabulary force posted an update on Twitter, indicating that the driver of the bus seen driving illegally through a pedestrian crossing on Constant Spring Road, has been located and is being questioned.


The bus was also removed from the road to allow the transport authority and the police to conduct further investigations.


The police urged members of the public to continue sending images and videos of motorists breaching the Road Traffic Act.


Prior to the bus incident, the national works agency and the contractor came under fire for building a median barrier over the pedestrian crossing,  making it difficult for person to walk across.


That section of the barrier was later removed to allow easier pedestrian access.


Following its removal, the coaster bus was observed going through the opening.


Earlier today, the NWA reportedly placed 2 blocks in the opening, which still facilitates pedestrian movement, but restricts vehicular access.