Usain Bolt teams up with Gatorade to launch Bolt24

by February 4th, 2020

Triple world record holder Usain Bolt is continuing to stay close to athletics despite retiring from track and field in 2017.

Bolt, through his latest venture, has partnered with American sports drink manufacturer Gatorade for the launch of Bolt24.

Bolt24, which has no artificial sweeteners or flavourings, comes in three flavours – Watermelon Strawberry, Tropical Mango, Mixed Berry – and has 80 calories and 100% of the daily value of vitamins A, B3, B5, B6 AND C.

The new drink is the first product in a new platform for Gatorade.

It is also the latest in a string of business ventures entered by Bolt which include music with the production of two riddims, Olympe Rose to promote his champagne of the same name and Immortal.

He also recently recorded a soca track, which is a remix of the Ultimate Rejects’ 2019 track, Energy To Burn.

An official statement released by Gatorade’s PR agency said with the launch, Gatorade’s commitment to fueling athletic performance goes beyond the field, supporting athletes’ athletic lifestyle around the clock by providing advanced, all-day hydration.”