Viv Richards Never wore a helmet because ………..’He never mind dying on the picth’

by April 11th, 2020

West Indies legend sir Viv Richards has revealed that the reason he never wore a helmet when facing some of the most fearsome fast bowlers the game has ever seen was that he never minded dying on the pitch.

The master blaster was certainly adept at sending the best deliveries of huffing bowlers crashing back into the stands.

But surely, any slight miscalculation, particularly with no restrictions yet implemented on bouncers, could have sent a 90mph delivery crashing into his skull.  Richards, however, believes the risk was simply a part of the game.

The big West Indian was known for relying on reflex, quickness of eye, and technique to keep him out of trouble.

Sir Viv who scored 8540 runs in test cricket, had a high score of 291 and averaged 50.23.  In One Day international, he scored 6721 with a highest of 189 and an average of 47.

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