Wanted men named in connection with shooting of Police Constable

by April 22nd, 2019

The St. James police have listed two men as wanted in relation to the shooting of a police constable in St. James, yesterday (April 21, 2019).


The men are 23-year-old Brandon Stora, otherwise called ‘Cha Cha’, of Paradise Housing Scheme, in Norwood, St. James and Steve Earle, otherwise called ‘Pedro’, ‘Monster’, ‘Forehead’ and ‘Shane’, a welder of Hendon, also in Norwood, St. James.


The Police Constable, who is assigned to the Freeport police station, was shot and seriously wounded, near his home, in Hollywood, Norwood, St. James about 9:00 AM yesterday.


He was shot several times in the upper body and is in stable condition in hospital.


Citizens are being reminded that it is not only an offence to harbour criminals and provide a safe haven for them, but it also places the lives of family and friends at risk.


Brandon Stora and Steve Earle are being asked to turn themselves in to the Montego Bay police by 12:00 PM, on Tuesday, April 23.