Ziggy Marley blasts Catholic Church guilty of sex crimes against children

by October 8th, 2021

Ziggy Marley in a post shared via social media, has expressed disgust following reports that over 330,000 children are victims of church sex abuse.

A militant Ziggy Marley on his official Instagram account, wrote, “I just can’t be silenced on this, it touches me too deep.” He continued, in part, “For years and years this institution has been abusing children in all different ways and it’s like no one really cares, no protest, no punishment, no accountability, people still flock to their hypocrisy, their ideology.”

According to the Associated Press, victims of abuse within France’s Catholic Church welcomed a historic turning point Tuesday after a new report estimated that 330,000 children in France were sexually abused over the past 70 years, providing the country’s first accounting of the worldwide phenomenon.

The report comes after a scandal surrounding now-defrocked priest Bernard Preynat rocked the French Catholic Church. Last year, Preynat was convicted of sexually abusing minors and given a five-year prison sentence. He admitted abusing more than 75 boys for decades. 

Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said Pope Francis learned about the report’s findings “with sorrow.”

In the IG post geared at raising awareness about the scandal, Ziggy Marley added, “There is no excuse you can give me or no quote from scriptures that can diminish this sin, it is on the individuals as well as the institution and those glorified holier than thou leaders.”

His brother Rohan Marley, Tanya Stephens, Cecile, and IRIE FM’s DJ Wayne are among the many social media users supporting Ziggy Marley’s stance.

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