3,000 new jobs at JISCO

by October 18th, 2017

Finance Minister Audley Shaw says three thousand new jobs will be provided by Jiquan iron and steel company (Jisco) in the coming months.

This as the company is in the process of building another plant beside its existing plant in St. Elizabeth.

Finance Minister Audley Shaw commented on the issue at the Factories Corporation of Jamaica (FCJ)’s wellness and business expo in Kingston this morning (Oct 18).

The government recently signed 3 agreements with Jisco in China, for the acquisition of the Alpart bauxite plant.

The agreements are the establishment agreement, the fiscal regime agreement and the agency and land use agreement, a release from the ministry said.

These documents outline the agreements between the government and Jisco, relating to its ownership, operation and build-out of the Alpart Alumina works at Nain, St. Elizabeth.

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