Assistant Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey warns against squatting

by July 28th, 2017

Outgoing head of the area two police Assistant Commissioner of Police, A-C-P, Fitz Bailey, is again warning the public against squatting, labeling the practice as the breeding ground for crime.

The senior cop was giving an update of the area two police performance for the first two quarters of this year.

In highlighting Portland’s 29 percent reduction in major crimes since the start of the year, in comparison to St Ann and St Mary, A-C-P Bailey said all efforts are to continue to keep criminals out of the parish.



In the meantime, A-C-P Bailey announced that more efforts are being made to protect the tourism product.

In the past, courtesy corp officers run by marksman group provided security and other related services to tourists.

According to A-C-P Bailey since July one, district constables have been tasked with that responsibility.

It is understood that some courtesy corp officers have also been trained as district constables.

A-C-P Bailey said officers will now be trained to assist the district constables who have been deployed in the tourist resort areas.


Outgoing head of the area two police, A-C-P Fitz Bailey




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