Ban to be placed on corporal punishment-Holness

by November 7th, 2017

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says he’s against corporal punishment and is calling for Parliament to debate the banning of corporal punishment as a means of discipline in both schools and home.

Speaking in Parliament this afternoon (Nov 7) on Sustainable Development Goals,   Prime Minister Holness stated that it is important that these goals take into consideration Jamaica’s children.

In quoting figures from the A Unicef Report: ” A Familiar Face: Violence In The Lives Of Children And Adolescents”, Mr holness stated that 8 in every ten children aged 2 to 14 are subjected to sexual violence and violent discipline.


The prime minister says these figures  are alarming, and believes that the time has come for Parliament to finally declare an end to corporal punishment .


Mr Holness states that banning corporal punishment will send a clear message on the stance against violence.


Prime Minister Andrew Holness

According to Prime Minister Holness, placing a ban on corporal punishment will seek to address Goal 3, which speaks to Good Health and Well-Being and Goal 16 – Peace Justice and Strong Institutions of the sustainable development goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals are part of the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, which were adopted by the General Assembly in September 2015.

It emphasizes a holistic approach to achieving sustainable development for all.

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