Bikers warned against unsafe practices

by March 3rd, 2018

The Road Safety Unit is warning motorcyclists in Hanover, Westmoreland and St Elizabeth against unsafe practices in the traffic environment.

Head of the Unit, Kenute Hare says some bikers are travelling without headlights, while others are closing their eyes when driving from a minor road onto a major road as initiation into a group.

He says these unsafe practices have resulted in serious injuries and even death to the bikers and other innocent road users.

Mr Hare is imploring motorcyclists to cease these dangerous behaviours.


He says the police are aware of the situation and have conducted operations in an attempt to stem these practices, however he wants to see a sustained effort on the part of law enforcers.


Meantime, eight motor cyclists have been killed in traffic accidents since the start of the year.

While encouraging bikers to wear their helmet, Mr Hare admits that some have expressed difficulties in acquiring the safety gear.


Director of the Road Safety Unit in the Transport Ministry Kenute Hare.

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