Bunting concerned that Zone Of Special Operations Bill could erode rights of some people

by June 21st, 2017

Opposition Spokesperson on National Security, Peter Bunting is concerned that the new Zone Of Special Operations Bill could result in the further erosion of rights of some people.

He is also calling for proper implementation of social intervention programmes which he says can help to reduce crime.

In responding to presentations on the Zone Of Special Operations Bill in Parliament this morning, Mr. Bunting says it is evident that there is a lack of effective social intervention in volatile communities that leads to ongoing violence.

He notes that implementing this Zone of Special Operation Bill will distract from the objective of delivering social intervention.

He used as an example the community of Barrett Town in St James where Deputy Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake, stated that the police managed to quell the bloodletting in that community.

He however added that with the lack of social intervention violent crimes returned to the area.


Mr. Bunting says there are many social intervention programmes that can aid in lowering the crime problem.


The Zones of Special Operations Bill would provide the security forces with powers to search places,vehicles or persons within specific areas without a warrant.

The prime minister would also be able to declare an area, a place for zones of special operations, after consulting with the National Security Council.

This can be done in a situation where there is rampant criminality, escalating violence and murder, gang warfare and the threat to the rule of law and public order.

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