CAC Games to be replaced by NACAC jr Championship

by March 30th, 2016

A new NACAC Junior Championships starting next year will replace the traditional Central America and Caribbean (CAC) Junior Championships.

The revelation was made by Victor Lopez, President of the North America, Central America and Caribbean (NACAC) Track and Field Association, at the 45th Carifta Games in Grenada where IAAF President Lord Sebastien Coe was in attendance.

Lopez gave the reasons as “planning a new NACAC Junior Championships” which will also provide competition for the entire NACAC family.

He said powerhouse USA and Canada, the big money players in the business, have long complained about a lack of junior competition for which they would be eligible.

“We have to cater for our NACAC family” Lopez explained, while adding that Caribbean teams already have the Carifta Games.

USA and Canada along with all Caribbean teams also take part in the Pan Am Junior (Under-20) Championships.

It’s not clear if the NACAC Junior Championships will be age-grouped like CAC (Under-20 and Under-18) or it will be like Pan Am Juniors, involving the senior group only.

The inaugural NACAC Junior Championships will be held in 2018. The next edition of the Pan Am Junior Championships, which includes Argentina and Brazil, will be in 2017.

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