Curfew continues in Denham Town West Kingston

by October 23rd, 2017

A curfew continues in Denham Town West Kingston, even as sections of the crime plagued community was declared a Zone of Special Operations, ZOSO.

Sections of Denham Town and Mount Salem in St James are the two communities in which Zones of Special Operation have been announced so far by Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

The prime minister says the initiative is a direct response to stem the escalating murder figures across the country.

Head of the JCF’s Corporate Communication Unit and ZOSO Communication Officer Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay says the curfew was imposed in the ZOSO to assist the joint security force in restricting the movement of residents to carry out searches.


Ms Lindsay admits that some businesses have been affected by the ZOSO but says it is for the greater good.


In the meantime, Superintendent Lindsay appealed to residents to have valid forms of identification after a man was arrested for presenting a false ID.


Some 34 rounds of ammunition, a magazine, a cleaning kit for high powered weapons and two scanning machines used to clone credit and debit cards have been seized since the operation was launched in sections on Denham Town.

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