Dr Phillips Criticized for ‘One Seat Majority’ Comment in St Ann

by August 14th, 2017

Opposition leader, Dr Peter Phillips has come under fire for comments he made yesterday about the government’s one seat majority in parliament.

He was speaking yesterday at a constituency conference in Browns Town.

In rallying the PNP supporters to get ready to take control of government, Dr Phillips stated that the one seat majority could swing due to a number of factors.


Opposition leader Dr Peter Phillips

Several social media users have criticized the opposition leader for what they call an untimely and unfortunate comment.

They accused him of using an MP’s health status as a political football for power.

Others have noted that the statement has only served to come back to bite him, with the sudden death of one of his own party MP’S – Dr Winston Green today.

Dr Green’s death means that the PNP is now down by three seats in parliament.

The other two vacant seats are for former party leader Portia Simpson-Miller and Dr Omar Davies.

The PNP has 28 seats to the JLP’s 32.

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